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"All of the products, from garments to the finest furs, are carefully hand crafted and selected – the same way of workmanship from more than 30 years.“

Elegant Furs buys the best fur quality skins from the biggest auctions worldwide. SAGA, NAFA, Kopenhagen Furs, American Legend Blackglama mink auctions all supply our firm with the highest quality mink skins for our fur garments. All Elegant Furs garments are sewn entirely in our factory premises in Kastoria, Greece.
Having an excellent collabroation with fur designers and manufacturing personnel, we can be certain that we only produce top quality fur garments. Our final product and our recurring customers are here to prove it. We are very proud to promote traditional Kastorian craftmanship in fur making.



World renowned for their unbridled luxury and elegance, Blackglama products are created from the finest materials. Each Blackglama skin is hand selected, with less than 2% of the world’s Black mink population being deemed worthy of the exclusive Blackglama name. Handcrafted from the highest quality mink in the world, Blackglama products are internationally regarded for their exquisite attention to detail. Each Blackglama product is individually labeled to ensure authenticity and can be found throughout the world at selected high-end retail locations. All mink procured by American Legend Cooperative originate from Origin Assured farms. Origin Assured farms adhere to strict governmental and agricultural guidelines and regulations that govern mink production, ensuring that the highest standard of humane care is utilized. The finest quality comes from the finest care.


North American Fur Auctions’ principal business is the sale of raw fur pelts. The pelts are received on consignment from producers of ranched-raised furs and harvesters of wild furs. The fur pelts are sold to fur garment manufacturers and fur pelt dealers worldwide. The Company is the largest fur auction house in North America, and the third largest fur auction in the world. The company currently handles Ranch Mink; Ranch Fox and all varieties of wild fur including Beaver, Raccoon, Sable, Muskrat, Wild Mink, Lynx, Lynx Cat Otter, Red Fox, and Coyote. Fur consignments are sorted by the company according to type, size, shade, color and quality, and offered for sale at auction or by private treaty. Auctions are conducted several times each year in Toronto, Canada.


Kopenhagen Fur is cooperatively owned by the members of the Danish Fur Breeders Association founded in 1930. In 1946, the association acquired ‘Kjøbenhavns Pelscentral’ and renamed it Danish Fur Auctions. Since then, the auction house has expanded to a staff of about 350 dedicated professionals. Today, Kopenhagen Fur is the name for both the association and the auction house itself. Located just outside of Copenhagen in Glostrup, Kopenhagen Fur holds five auctions a year, offering around 21 million mink skins, as well as fox, Swakara, chinchilla, seal, sable, rex rabbit and karakul skins. The annual auction turnover is around 930 million Euros. As nearly all the skins are exported, Kopenhagen Fur contributes significantly to Denmark’s foreign trade.


Saga Furs is the quality auction house with the broadest selection of superior furs from strictly regulated European sources. Our efforts focus on supporting sustainable sources of European fur sold at 4-5 international auctions each year, and then marketing Saga Furs® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon on a global scale. Saga Furs Oyj is the only publicly listed company of its kind. Saga Furs has gained a unique position as the point where the fur and fashion industries meet With the auction house at the centre, our partners range from fur breeders and suppliers on the one side, to clothing manufacturers and fashion houses on the other. Our Saga Furs Design Centre houses the world’s foremost product development department where we share our expertise with the creators of fashion. This sets us off from the competition and gives all our partners a great advantage. Saga Furs has earned a reputation as the world pioneer in responsible fur breeding. The Saga Furs brand delivers the assurance of quality, transparency and sustainability consumers demand.


The Greek Fur Institute was created with the main purpose to promote the Greek fur industry and defending the interests of Greek furriers artisans of the region of Kastoria and Siatistas . In furtherance of the industry undertakes to inform the general public about the Greek fur industry , raise the entire industry and to contribute to the international recognition of the industry as the best in the world in the production of finished fur . The starting point was to create brand name for the art of fur and fur ready under the name "GreekFur" and implement a reliable system for distribution and control of the label "GreekFur". Created by local unions of fur and the Chamber of Kastoria and supported by the Greek State.